About NewSchool Learning

NewSchool Learning is a small design shop founded by Patrick Malley. We are Moodle focused and have been developing great Moodle sites for almost a decade.

Patrick Malley / Owner

Patrick Malley

Patrick has been designing websites for over 10 years. He started NewSchool Learning in 2007 to justify his obsession with untangling Moodle code. Today, he is a world leader in attractive Moodle design.

John Stabinger / Lead Developer

Patrick Malley

John is a master at turning any web design into an attractive, functional Moodle theme. With experience working in the corporate, collegiate, and public educational arenas, he has a knack for viewing projects from the perspective of what our clients need.

Olivia Freeman / People

Patrick Malley

Olivia handles all our incoming correspondence and works in close liaison with Patrick & John to ensure a quality theme and experience is delivered to everyone we work with, every time.

1Company dedicated to you
28Pre-made designs
448Clients served
909Custom themes delivered

NewSchool Learning designs and codes simple, attractive, and usable Moodle themes based on current web standards. All of our themes are hand coded and rigorously tested so they’ll look good on all major browsers. To learn more about what we do, check out our portfolio, or send us a message. We’d love to hear about your project and share ideas on how we could improve the look of your site.

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